Vietnam - General information

In Vietnam, we offer "tailor made" trips and tour with leisure stay, based on the best hotels. Dates and length of trips are unrestricted - free, and the program is adjusted to satisfy customer demands. Your trip you can start in Hanoi (LOT have direct flights from Warsaw), moving slowly to the south of the country: Hoi An, Saigon, Mekong Delta and  Phu Quoc Island - stopping for a few days in excellent resorts on the beach.
It is worth also combine Vietname with a few days a stay in Cambodia visiting the famous Temples Angkor Wat.

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Vietnam is one of the most delightful places in south-east Asia, a land of idyllic beaches, tranquil bays, coral islands, spectacular mountains, valleys and primal forests, and is home to a warm-hearted and hospitable people. The striking and varied landscapes, from high rolling hills to undeveloped beaches, are a traveler's paradise and cover a wide range of climates. There is plenty to see from a long, varied history, and the French colonial inheritance is visible in many ways, not least in a serious interest in food.

Vietnam consists of two river deltas, the Red River in the north (Tonking) and the Mekong in the south, and these are connected by a narrow, hilly coastal strip (Annam) about 800 km long. Much of the country is very fertile, and it has attracted a succession of invaders, including the Chinese, Japanese and French. Over the last few years Vietnam has opened its doors voluntarily to outsiders. Private initiatives and businesses are being encouraged (although still often drowned in red tape), and tourism is high on the agenda for development. Almost all travel restrictions have been dropped, and we can now visit the whole length of the country