Cuba - General information

In Cuba, we offer the possibility to organize "tailor made" excursions and leisure. A very popular program is the combination of a few days in Havana and Vinales Valley, and then stay on the beach in Varadero. All programs are based on scheduled flights of, and therefore the timing and length of the program is flexible and adapted to the abilities and needs of our clients.

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The largest of the Caribbean islands is Cuba. It has gorgeous scenery and beaches as well as rich culture and history. Hotels in Cuba range from simple accommodations to more luxurious ones. You can find private residences that offer rooms for rent instead of these properties for a glimpse at the life of an average resident here. Havana is known for its great nightlife and there are a variety of accommodations located in this area. Trinidad and Havana are both UNESCO World Heritage sites. Due to the preservation of these areas, travelling here is like taking a trip back in time. The beaches are breathtaking, with warm sand and clear water. There are several immaculate beaches along the coastline waiting to be discovered. The landscape is diverse from desert area to tropical rainforest and includes four main mountain ranges. The precinct is mostly warm and has a moderately subtropical climate.