Jamaica - General information

In Jamaica, we offer holidays with the possibility of organizing tours. Dates and length of stay is flexible, although we suggest the period from November to April because then it's very warm but not hot, and  less humid. Cheapest flights to Jamaica by the United States, so it's worth before you go apply for a visa to the United States.

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Jamaica is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. On an annual basis the country receives hordes of visitors searching for the perfect paradise. Boasting stunning beaches and a perfect climate, it makes the perfect get away destination. Hotels in Jamaica are readily available throughout the year and available in every budget, catering to every taste. There is a range of resorts near the coast as well as normal hotels. Jamaica hotels are situated perfectly for accessing the best beaches and the tourist hotspots. The majority of hotels in Jamaica are situated extremely close to the beach in well known cities. This includes Kingston, Montego Bay, Discovery Bay, Tower Isle, Port Antonio and Morant Bay. All hotels in Jamaica will cater for your needs. The staff are friendly and will be able to assist you on this wonderful paradise. Jamaica is a relaxing but fun country, you are guaranteed a great time.