Costa Rica - General information

In Costa Rica we offer excursions and leisure  holidays. Programs and length of stay is arbitrary and is adapted to the expectations of customers. We offer private transfers and sightseeing with English-speaking, local guides. Very good accommodation consists not only of luxury hotels, but also the unique agritourism with a high standard, managed by local families.

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The country of Costa Rica has become one of the world's most popular tourist destinations with the help of its beautiful white beaches, thriving ecotourism industry, and status as one of Central America’s most stable countries. Visitors seeking hotels in Costa Rica have plenty of options to choose from, especially in the country’s capital of San Jose. Costa Rica hotels in San Jose range from familiar international chains to unique family owned accommodations to everything in between. Other options for hotels in Costa Rica include renting villas or condos where visitors may explore the country in more private surroundings or rustic lodges especially popular among ecotourists wishing to explore Costa Rica’s volcanoes, rainforests, and other natural surroundings. Villas or hotels in Costa Rica come in all price ranges and are available across the country, but regardless of which option visitors choose, booking in advance is highly recommended, especially between December and April. Many visitors to Costa Rica love the country so much, they decide to buy property and stay there.