Peru - General information

In Peru, we offer tailor-made trips. Length, time, program and number of person is free. We offer on-site private service.

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The South American country of Peru is a fascinating country to visit, there is so much for the visitor to see and do from the lovely capital city of Lima, the Amazon, beaches, high mountain trekking, the Inca Trail and Peru’s most infamous icon, Macchu Pichu. Hotels in Peru range from friendly homestays to luxury hotels. Most visitors to Lima choose to stay in Peru hotels in the Miraflores district, here you will find excellent bars, restaurants and it’s just a short walk to the beach. For those about to embark on the Inca Trail, it is a good idea to acclimatize your body to the high altitude and stay in Peru hotels around Arequipa, Cuzco and Colca Canyon. You can never be too sure how your body will react to the high altitude, most people are fine but chewing cocoa leaves like the locals can help. Don’t miss out on a trip to the beautiful Lake Titicaca.