Tanzania - General information

Tanzania is the biggest country in east Africa, so it is unsurprising that tourists manage to trace many good Tanzania hotels here. The country has borders with Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi and Mozambique to name but a few, so if you are staying in Tanzania hotels you will be perfectly placed to explore some of the best spots in the rest of the continent. Due to its location by the equator, people staying in Tanzania hotels will be able to watch the sunrise and sunset at the same time every day. The vast majority of Tanzania hotels are found in Pembwe. It is very humid here, however, so it is best to book a hotel in Tanzania with air conditioning. Some nice lodges also sit near the Ruaha National Park, which is home to many natural attractions such as waterfalls, volcanic mountains and Matema Beach. Those looking for the best deals should avoid the touts and hunt out the bargains for themselves, as commission is always added to the price.

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