UAE - General information

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) makes a great starting point for travellers bent on exploring the Middle East as it is a federation of seven emirates holding borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman as well as the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman coastlines. Its rich and varied culture and history, combined with friendly people and a relaxed attitude to Islam, is attracting increasing number of visitors to its shores. Added bonuses are the ultra-modern Uae hotels, nightlife, great shopping malls and other tourism facilities, and the ease of air access through Abu Dhabi's or Dubai's international airports. The capital, Abu Dhabi, is a stunning mix of beaches, waterfront walkways, high-rises, impressive mosques and traditional souks offering everything from spices to jewels and gold. Prices, for everything from lodgings and meals to transportation and treats, are on the rise, but still represent value for money. The most progressive city is Dubai, with Burj Khalifa as its main landmark. Outside the cities, dramatic deserts give way to lush mangrove forests and towering mountains, with medieval forts, palaces and grand heritage buildings dotted across the entire seven emirates.

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