New Caledonia - General information

New Caledonia, the land of deep blue water and sunny beaches, consisting of the island Grande Terre and the islands off the coast (ie, Loyalty Islands, Pins, Chesterfield), creates a French overseas territory. The capital of this piece of land of Paradise is a colorful and all the time vibrant city life Noumea. Once a penal colony for criminals and opponents of the French government, after which the remaining ruins of the former prison, from 2010, hosting the kite surfing elite competitions  - Kite Pro World and is increasingly recognized center for water sports. Amateur kitesurfing in New Caledonia are guaranteed excitement from dawn to dusk. A multitude of spots for swimming - from those with extreme conditions such as Anse Vata Bay where the strong winds collide with the steep waves, the coast of Sainte-Marie allowing for putting the first steps on the board.
To feel the atmosphere of the unspoilt island is a must go for trekking in the surrounding mountains, or taste the excitement of climbing. Recommendable is also natural attractions such as the 100-meter waterfall, Tao, picturesque rock formations near the town Hienghene and beautiful island of Ile des Pins (Isle of Pine Trees) for great beaches and mountains, where you go for a kayak trip in the Bay UPA. Loyalty Islands are waiting for you to visit Lekiny cliffs, Mare coast and Lifou island ideal for snorkelling and diving. Flora and fauna combine beautifully with each other breathtakingly. Mangrove forests, tropical tree ... but also the majestic fish and marine mammals (turtles, whales, dugongs ..) will transform your stay an unforgettable trip.
New Caledonia is also the perfect place to relax 100% like from the postcard, where you can enjoy the local cuisine. The typical dishes consists mainly of fish, seafood and vegetables. One of the traditional dishes is bougna: stew of meat or fish, served with sweet potatoes in coconut milk, steamed in the oven buried with hot stones.

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