Reunion - General information

On Reunion Island we offer tailor-made of trips. Each program adapt to customer needs, his interests, and which is quite important to the physical condition. A great way to explore the island is to hire a car. You should also join a tour around the island and spend few days on the coast of Recife or on the nearby Island of Mauritius famous for the excellent service and beautiful sandy beaches.
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Reunion is a popular spot with sun-seeking holidaymakers thanks to its ideal position in the Indian Ocean just east of Madagascar. The French overseas territory is home to a great deal of tourist attractions, so hotels in Reunion can be found all across the island. The best thing about the accommodations is the amount of choice you are offered. You will find normal establishments of all varieties and prices, as well as privately run mountain lodges and cabins in the central areas. There are also a number of youth hostels on the island for those looking for cheaper accommodation. Probably the biggest choice of lodgings is within the capital city of Saint-Denis. For those looking for a sea-view, however, Saint-Gilles on the west coast is a good place visit. You will find white sand beaches here and calm waters, so those who wish to surf would do better heading to Saint-Leu. There are also some good options for buildings in Saint-Pierre and Etang-Sale. The latter is a small town by the island's west coast, which is home to the famous black sand beach.