Sardinia - General Information

Sardinia is the second island in the Mediterranean sea for extension. Because of its geographic position in the middle of the Mediterranean sea and its resources, especially the mining resources, Sardinia has always represented the colonizers' destination. Sardinia is a very ancient island rich in history and legends and everywhere there are traces of human settlements dated from the Neolithic Age. The climate allows to have a very long summer season, from April to November.

Sardinian hard (wild) landscape is characterized by mountain chains, massifs, tablelands (plateau), Campidano plain and by rivers. Some artificial lakes and numerous ponds, soften Sardinian view. Sardinian coasts are full of beaches, mortises and cliffs which are lapped by the blue water of Sardinian sea. Many caves show their treasures of stalactites and stalagmites to the visitors. Mediterranean scrub, oleasters and ficodindia prevail in Sardinian landscape.

Sardinia is one of Europe's most popular paradises. The south coast of Sardinia is perfect for an ideal beach holiday. The city boasts white sandy beaches and clear blue sea. South Sardinia hotels offers mainly top of the range accommodation. On the south coast you can find four-star complexes. Many offer a private beach as well as having extensive grounds offering golf courses, swimming pools, restaurants, tennis courts and fitness rooms. Many of the hotels are also set in parks just a short drive from the coast. These four-star are also self contained and offer everything you may need

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